Vita C11 Vita Bio Vita Mask


27 g


Vitabio Vita Brightening Mask contains Vitamin C powder pieces on the mask sheet that makes the synergy effect with Vitamin E ampoule. 

│How to Use│

1.Rub the middle of the package

2.Rub it well, and Roll it over so the ampoule can be moved into the other side of the package.

3.Press the package down so the mask sheet can absorb the ampoule.

4.Stick the vitamin ampoule mask on your skin for about 10~20 minutes.

5.Dab your face to help the remaining ingredients become absorbed, and then apply the moisturizer. 

│Main Ingredients│

Vitamin C, Pomegranate extract, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Fruit Extract